The Edge of Tolerance Podcast #4 -TECHNOLOGY – Computer Monitors


…….is everything OK? ……what brings you to the EDGE?

A couple village idiots discuss annoying people and situations that would normally make anyone lose their shit, but instead they rant, vent, scream and shout out their anger instead of doing something just as stupid as the people they bitch about!”


In this episode, Papa Priest and Phoenix rant about “TECHNOLOGY” and more specifically about “computer monitors” in this short but sweet episode the village idiots like to call, “Only One Monitor was Harmed in the Making of our Logo”.  Find out what the hell that means on the newest podcast.

Papa Priest goes face to face with a 19″ computer monitor……who will win the match of the century? Who will reign supreme, only one winner will emerge…..if you can call it a win?

Join us and let us know if you’ve ever been in a fight with a computer monitor or if they just bother for any reason at all…. or if you absolutely love them……. either way we do want to hear from you so talk to us about any damn thing you want to and we will read your message on one of our next podcasts! C.U.Next.Tuesday.

-with Papa Priest and Phoenix

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