The Edge of Tolerance Podcast #6 – MUSIC – Making It


…….is everything OK? ……what brings you to the EDGE?

A couple village idiots discuss annoying people and situations that would normally make anyone lose their shit, but instead they rant, vent, scream and shout out their anger instead of doing something just as stupid as the people they bitch about!”


In this episode, Papa Priest and Phoenix rant about “MUSIC” and more specifically about “Making It”,  what will become of this….

Papa Priest is brought back to the eighties when he gets his mitts on a marvelous new mini-synthesizer he got in the mail. Has a superstar been born……or will another monitor go down in the process…..perhaps both?

Phoenix catches wind of the amazing capabilities of the tried and tested synthesizer and the true talents that may lie within, only to be unleashed by nostalgic notes of the past.

Join us and let us know if you’ve ever listened to music, or if you’ve never listened to music…..and tell us hows that going for you?  Or if you have any great making music stories…..or maybe even better, what music drives you to the edge of tolerance………….

……..either way we do want to hear from you so talk to us about any damn thing you want to and we will read your message on one of our next podcasts! C.U.Next.Tuesday.

-with Papa Priest and Phoenix

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