Papa Priest questions the s##t outta Phoenix- 20for20- part1 of 2- the EDGE of TOLERANCE

In this super special, super sensational Q&A Papa Priest digs deep into the fiery feathers of Phoenix, finding out his deepest darkest secrets and all the skeletons are coming out to play!  What question would you like to ask him?!  What will fly out of Phoenix’s mouth, can it ever be put back?……do we have like a Pandora’s Box type situation here……only one way to find out………….

IT’S ON! Papa Priest and Phoenix go all out when they interrogate the shit out of each other! Have you ever been blindly asked 20 questions?

If so WTF were they and you should of course share with us, what better way for us to get to know the new supreme double combo with french fries…….fuck….i just got side tracked……what was I talking about?

It doesn’t matter, the important part is that I’m going to go and get a supreme double combo with french fries……oh shit…….yeah, um, the 20 questions… it is……

“A couple village idiots discuss annoying people and situations that would normally make anyone lose their shit, but instead they rant, vent, scream and shout out their anger instead of doing something just as stupid as the people they bitch about!”

“Is everything OK? What brings you to the EDGE? Get shit off your chest not on your chest! A place to be yourself and express your frustrations with like-minded people who go through the same shit that you do! We strongly feel that it is better to vent, rant and just straight up let that bottled up anger out before you blow your top!

Tell us what steps on your toes so we can push through it together and try not to snap on the next person we see that does something so ridiculous that you question humanity…….we must persevere!”

with Papa Priest and Phoenix music by Papa Priest

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