“what brings you to the EDGE?”

A couple village idiots discuss annoying people and situations that would normally make anyone lose their shit, but instead they rant, vent, scream and shout out their anger instead of doing something just as stupid as the people they bitch about!”

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In this episode, Phoenix teaches Papa Za how to build a D&D Character, it could have gone smoother.

Papa Za almost threw in the towel until Phoenix swooped in and saved the day.

Without the help of Phoenix, Papa Za might have given his character the power of walking, instead of a bad ass armor spell, or an invisible little butler.

What character did Papa Za pick?  Was it a unicorn… well… no… because apparently you can’t pick unicorns, weak right.

…..was it a Lord of the Rings?….am  saying that right? OK Papa Za doesn’t know shit about Dungeons and Dragons and its been a few years since Phoenix has dusted off a D&D playbook, so lets learn and go on this journey together.

If ya feel like it, tell us “what brings you to the EDGE?” and we will read your message on one of our next podcasts!

-with Papa Za and Phoenix

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