“what brings you to the EDGE?”

A couple village idiots discuss annoying people and situations that would normally make anyone lose their shit, but instead they rant, vent, scream and shout out their anger instead of doing something just as stupid as the people they bitch about!

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In this episode, Phoenix and Papa Za talk about CRYPTOZOOLOGY.

Phoenix aka “the cannabis changeling” has interesting social habits, most commonly found in the deep forest, the cannabis changeling is not kind to people unless it has had its daily rations of cannabis, without said rations the cannabis changeling can be quite dangerous, approach with caution if you encounter one.

Papa Za aka “the pizza monster” is obsessed with pizza and will do unusual things to acquire even just a slice.  The more pizza the pizza monster eats the stronger they grow, so make sure to avoid feeding if encountered.

If ya feel like it, tell us “what brings you to the EDGE?” and we will read your message on one of our next podcasts!

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Papa Za and Phoenix

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